Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Think Twitter Has Been Hacked!

Boo Twitter! I have received over 50 messages from my Twitter followers about people saying nasty things about each other. These messages all had similar wording and included a link. I got the first message around 6 pm this evening and I happen to know the person that supposedly sent the message so I contacted her on Facebook. She had received a similar message from a well known miniature artist, so at this point I figured that Twitter had been hacked. By 9 pm I had received over 50 of these messages, all saying basically the same thing, all from reputable people in the miniature world and I'm assuming that many of my Twitter followers received a similar message that appears to be from me (@MiniMakerCA). I tried to report to Twitter but not having any luck. I followed Twitters instructions on changing my password and revoking access to apps but I don't know if my account is safe.Thinking of deleting my Twitter account.

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