Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Beacon Hill Dollhouse

I'm so excited! This evening my husband came home with a Beacon Hill! He found it on Craigslist for $85! The shell has been put together, I will have to put in the stairs, windows, trim, shingles and finish the exterior and of course the interior. The seller also threw in some wallpaper, carpeting, some books & magazines about miniatures, wood glue, everything needed to electrify it and a small box of furnishings. The Beacon Hill has always been my favorite and on my most wanted dollhouse list! I'm a very happy camper tonight! I can't post a picture yet, I still can't find the cord to my camera, I might have to break down and fork over the money for a new camera. In the mean time I will share some links to a few of my favorite Beacon Hills.

Mary's Dollhouse Nook ~  The first Beacon Hill I ever saw and one of my favorites.

The Beacon Hill by Gina of More Minis ~ Tour each room and read the story of this dollhouse's resident.

Beacon Hill Dollhouse Back to Back Extravaganza created by Linda of Linda's Miniature Musings ~ 2 Greenleaf Beacon Hill dollhouses.... built so they are back to back to make one huge enclosed mansion.

The Beacon Hill by Deb's Minis ~ One of many dollhouses styled by Deb Roberts.

The Beacon Hill by Tracy Topps from Minis on the Edge ~ Tracy Topps is known for her fabulous dollhouses, don't miss this one.

And last but not least ~ A Beacon Hill Dollhouse Video Tour created by Angela of Minis by Angela.


Jennifer Berkeley said...

For me, the best part would be that he bought it. I always feel that I have to sneak new stuff into the house

~MiniMaker said...

My husband is great when it comes to my dollhouses, he knows they make me happy and his philosophy is, "Happy wife, happy life", he really want's a new, very large flat screen TV, so he's trying to butter me up. Lol

dollhouse said...

Those budget houses are so difficult to work with, but they can look really nice if you put the time into them.

Jennifer Berkeley said...

Hmm.. I used to use a new kayak or bike on my ex!

Anonymous said...

I have a partially assembled Beacon Hill if you are interested and live near Ocala, Florida. Log onto and type in Beacon Hill to see ad. Wish I had the time to finish it, but I know it will be someone else's treasure!