Friday, September 26, 2014

Miniatures From Nancy Adair

At the end of January 2014 I was contacted by a very nice lady named Nancy Adair. She was looking for a home for her large collection of Nutshell News magazines, some wood furniture kits and a few other items. Nancy started out in miniatures in 1980 and no longer has the eyesight or the steady hand to continue with her beloved hobby. I live way up in Northern California, and she lives a few hours south of me but a friend that lives near Nancy was willing to pick up the magazines and kits for me. I had to wait a few weeks before my friend traveled my way, but it was worth the wait. I received more than I ever expected.

The photo at the top of this post is the kitchen you see in the video. I didn't change anything in this little room box, it is just perfect the way it is. I did dust it off and glue down a couple of loose items. It fits in with my kitchen so well, it seems as if Nancy custom made it just for me, right down to the picture of the rooster on the wall. Below are photos of some of the sketches that were in one of the boxes.

Nancy's Sketch Of The Gazebo

Nancy's Sketch Of The Magic Room

Nancy's Sketch Of Planned Aerobics/Workout Room

Thank you again, Nancy!!!!!