Sunday, December 13, 2009

Welcome New Followers

It's time to welcome more new followers! Early this morning I caught Matilda in one of my Christmas room boxes. She hauled in a bunch of goodies I've been saving and she had been unpacking it all, wrapping presents, decorating an old tree and writing out Christmas cards! She even found the tin of cookies I got from Cathy over at The Fabulous Farmhouse. She was just getting ready to sit back and read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and have herself a little snack, when I caught her. She had the audacity to look right at the camera when I took her picture, she was very happy with herself, I swear she's smiling. The only way she would agree to put everything away and not eat all the cookies, was if I posted her picture again and let her help greet the new followers. I agreed so I could get my tin of cookies back! So, Matilda and I would like to welcome, Mary Williams of Mary Williams Dollshouse Dolls Blog, and Mary Williams Miniature Porcelain Dollshouse Dolls, next we have Angeles, of Las pinturas de Baldu & El rincon de Baldu, and there is Daisy, she has four blogs, MINIATURAS 1/12, LOJA DE ARTESANATO COLONIAL 1/12, DAISY ARTES, DAISY'S MINIATURAS 1/12, & Arantxa of the blog Las miniaturas de los Talis. Irene of Apples Tea Rooms, Hambleton Hall, & The Tenement, and three that I can't find a blog for, T Pompeo, darstesh & Joy - Adora Bella Minis. If you have a blog, please let me know so I can post a link!

Thank you for following! Now I have to go convince Matilda that it's time to clean up, wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I was thinking you were talking about your cat and then I see a little lady in there! Lol! At least she is entertaining herself and not complaining about the food not being edible!

kimsminiatures said...

Hi Gaye, I love Matilda in her cute little Christmas scene. Can I ask who made her? She is so wonderful. Hugs~ Kim

~MiniMaker said...

LOL, Cathy! My cat's name is Little Bit and she likes hanging out on the roof of my San Franciscan.

Thank you Kim! I made Matilda, she is the first doll I've made from start to finish. I have several heads I've started and an earlier attempt at a whole doll is hidden in a box, he's not very cute. He's wearing something similar to a potato sack, he's bald and his eyes look like the are going to pop out of his head. =)

Anonymous said...

Let's see more dolls! Good Job Gaye! Can't wait to see what she'll be finding next!

Deni said...

Oh I luv youe Matilda does she walz? ( waltzing Matilda)hehehe! thats my ozzie humor!
'she is lovely I luv that hair! perfect!!!
I need to get a Matilda or a Tessie
I might hhave to pull that face mould out again and try it!

And look at all those yummy goodies she has there