Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Projects , Printables & What Was I Thinking?

I bought these gift boxes last year for $10 at Wal-Mart with the intention of whipping out 3 Christmas themed room boxes a couple of weeks before Christmas. HA! What was I thinking? I doubt that I'll get around to them this year either but I may give it a shot. In the meantime I thought I would share some links to Christmas projects, printables, videos and more.

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree
Pipe Cleaner Tree Tutorial Part 2
Pipe Cleaner Tree Tutorial Part 3
A Snack for Santa
Miniature Christmas Tree Ornaments
Mini Advent Calendar
Holiday Turkey
Egg Nog
Christmas Pudding
Christmas Punch
Yule Log Cake
1:12 Scale Dollhouse Ornament
Christmas Tree
Simple Candy Canes
Shopping Basket
Holiday Shopping Bag

Christmas Gift Bags & Boxes
Christmas Book Printables
Christmas Stocking
Christmas Printies from TreeFeathers
Miniature Printable Christmas Village
Ornament Box
Christmas Presents
Victorian Cards
Wrapping Paper
Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa Cards
Christmas Wreaths

Eye Candy
Ken's Christmas Village
Karen's Harborside Manor
'Twas the Night After Christmas
The Decorating Has Begun
Christmas at the Clauses
Santa's Workshop

Make a miniature Christmas wreath
Little Elf Girl Tutorial
Christmas Morning Roombox
Poinsettia House
Teddy Bear Christmas Roombox
A Christmas Roombox
Home for Christmas Town Snow Scene
Christmas Dollhouse for Storm
How To Make an Angel Christmas Tree Topper


De said...

Thank you, Gaye, for the links! :-)

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing all these lovely links with us all Gaye..x

Anonymous said...

Gaye, I think that even if you don't get to your project, you have certainly provided lots and lots of useful links for others to help with their projects! So very kind of you. I want to look at all of them because I love Christmas but I would never get anything done. I have the one blog link leads to anotheritis. The only cure known is to not have internet. Who'd wish that on anyone? Not me:) I hope you're enjoying your holidays:) Cathy McGhee

~MiniMaker said...

I'm still hunting for mini Christmas links so I may do another post like this if I find enough.

Cathy..."I have the one blog link leads to anotheritis."
LOL, I have that too!