Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Ornament Project

I posted a tutorial about how to make Christmas ornaments from polymer clay, on my website. I bought some cute holly leaf craft slices from Angie Scarr Miniatures and this is one of the projects I used them for. They are simple to make, the hardest part was getting the hang of the little "hanger" part, but the more I made, the better I got. I made mine a little big, to fit the craft slice. I used red, green and translucent clay, I really like the way the translucent ones turned out.

If you haven't seen the beautiful 1950s Inspired Aluminum-look Christmas Tree, made by De from De-Lightful Minis, you really should go take a look. It is fantastic!

Click Here For Tutorial!


PAKY said...

Thanks for the tuto, your christmas tree are so beautiful! Regards

De said...

I love the ornaments, Gaye! I like the translucent ones best, too. Thank you for the kind words about my trees and for the links. :-)

Patricia Cabrera said...

how nice of you to add the tutorial. I am having fun browsing your blog and the links! Thank you! Oh, thank you so much for visiting my blog too! Smiles,

~MiniMaker said...

Thank you Paky, De and Patricia!