Friday, September 10, 2010

The Necessary Room

Just a quick update on O'Leary's Pub. I finished most of the bathroom, I still have to install the dividing wall between the kitchen and bath but I'm out of foam core board. I used tissue paper on the walls for a plaster look and the paint is several washes of my own mix using ivory and straw colored paint. After the walls dried, I sparingly brushed  a little burnt umber chalk over the walls to give them age.

I found a fabulous article by Pat and Noel Thomas about how to make a CHRYSNBON® bathroom kit
look like porcelain instead of plastic. I would love to scan the article and share it but I don't know how legal that is. If any of you know about the legalities of scanning and posting articles from magazines, please let me know. I did scan a picture though....hopefully I don't get into any trouble. I couldn't resist sharing.

Bathroom by Pat and Noel Thomas using a CHRYSNBON® bathroom kit.


Josje said...

Love the bathroom so far.
Hmmm, don't know about publishing someone else's article, I would say that's not allowed. However, you have made me very curious as to how they made the plastic look like porcelain...;) I will have to hunt for that article. Can you tell me where you found it?

mMarys Miniatures said...

Hi... I just needed to comment on the Chrysnbon bathroom kit. Pat and Noel did an fantastic job and it looks so real. I will have to look into other kits they have. Keep up the good work. Have a great day 1

~MiniMaker said...

I'm pretty sure I can't post the article here either, but I can follow the tutorial and post my own work. Why didn't I think of that before!? LOL

I meant to include where I found the article in my post but I forgot. Nutshell News July 1990 pages 50-54. The article is called, Nothing Splashy.

Josje said...

I was afraid it would be a magazine like Nutshell News...Nearly impossible to find in my part of the world. I did find some online references to the same article and technique, I concluded they must have painted it flat black first and then use white enamel paint over top.
Thanks for the info!

~MiniMaker said...

Josje, you are right! They painted if a flat black first and then white enamel on top.....with a lot of sanding in between, both wet and dry.