Friday, September 3, 2010

The Dollhouse Company

If you haven't visited The Dollhouse Company yet, grab yourself a cuppa and head over there, you don't want to miss this online miniatures shop. Julia Morrison is the proprietor of The Dollhouse Company. I "met" Julia last year when she posted a comment on my video blog, Creating Dollhouse Miniatures. About a month later I filled out a survey on her web site, asking visitors for input regarding her online shop. By filling out the survey visitors had the oportunity to be entered into a drawing to win a dollhouse, The Arthur. Several weeks after filling out the survey I got an email from Julia informing me that I had won the drawing. I was very excited, this was this first time I'd won anything and winning a dollhouse was more than I could ask for! Julia gave me the option to choose other miniatures from her shop, or take the dollhouse. I thought about it for a couple of weeks and I finally decided not to take the dollhouse since I have umpteen unfinished kits laying around the house.

I wanted to get items for my 333 Franklin Street house (I will be posting pics in an upcoming blog post) and it took me days to decide what I wanted. I finally made up my mind and sent Julia an email with the items I wanted, a False Door, a Coat Tree, some Dentil Moulding, a Savonnerie Rug, a sheet of PVC Red Brick Sheet, a Narrow Inside Door with Trim and a Victorian Bathroom Kit.

The Dollhouse Company also offers a downloadable Dollhouse E-Book, a must have! Julia reveals her secrets for creating beautiful and lifelike dollhouses that will take your breath away!  The Dollhouse Company also offers doll house kits and accessories at affordable prices. There are three new sections in the shop where you can save money. Check out the Bundle Bargins, a variety of selections including choices of 2 dollhouses, dollhouses and furniture, just furniture or select your own bundle. Bundle Bargins are a great way to get more for your money! My favorites are the Starter Bundle - Dollhouse Kit & NEW Furniture and the Surprise Bundle - All sorts of charming miniatures.

Julia recently added some new miniatures from 'Reutt er Porzellan' manufactured in Germany, I especially like the Chianti Bottle with Glasses and the Garden Shower with Accessories. Julia is also currently selecting a range of products from Hiedi Ott and the new International Miniatures category will give you access to miniatures you may not have seen anywhere before.

So please stop by The Dollhouse Company and have a look around....oh, and don't forget to visit The Dollhouse Company's Facebook page!


Wanda said...

Hi Gaye,
Thanks for featuring my blog in your sidebar. It was a pleasant surprise when I was reading your posting today. I'll drop by the Dollhouse Company website now and check it out!

Marys Miniatures said...

Hi Gaye... I love the idea of Dollhouse E-books. I will be sure to go to there web site and check it out. Have a great day.