Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Talk Trash....Part One

I use a lot of trash when I make minis. Some of it in the form of "other people's trash" and some just plain old trash. My friends and family save their unwanted items for me to check over before they toss them......I think most of you can relate. I also use "trash" for holding, painting, storing, sorting and a variety of other things. So, lets talk trash!

My husband received some free golf markers in the mail, an attempt to get him to subscribe to a golf magazine. The markers came in this piece of black foam, I immediately confiscated it, seeing the possibilities it had to hold my minis while drying. The red "drying apparatus" was a puzzle, the plastic dish is screwed to the wood and holds extra golf tees.

These counter top utensil holders were given to me, they are perfect for hanging bottles of Gallery Glass. Each one holds a dozen bottles.

Another freebie, a spice rack and bottles hold assorted beads, the clear bottles make for easy viewing.

My husband loves the Cobb Salads from Safeway. I keep the top parts that holds all the goodies separately. I save any plastic container with compartments.

I use them to hold paint, glue, and other messy things.

The paint and glue can easily be peeled from the plastic and the compartments used again.

I also use them for sorting small items such as beads and jewelry findings.

Yesterday I made trip to the Dollar Store...I got some fabulous goodies! I'll share those with you in Part Two. In the meantime, go visit Tanya's Place in Cyberspace~Talking Trash, she has some great ideas!


Debbie said...

Some great ideas there Gaye. I also use packing with compartments for painting.

Deni said...

Luv your trashy talk!
I have heaps of bits and pieces too and really have fiun working out how to use them!!!

Ascension said...

Hola!!!!!!!, me pasa lo mismo que a ti, no tiro nada, todo lo reciclo para minis y a la familia colabora jejeje, muchas veces demasiado.
Me ha encantado tu blog, volvere.
besitos ascension

WendiesMiniWorld said...

I frimly believe in upcyclng ... I recently helped out at a PTA disco, selling drinks and sweets and at the end of the evening claimed the empty sweet tubs from the 'trash' as mine ... they make great storage containers! you gotta keep your eyes open ;o)

Tanya said...

You have some great stuff here Gaye. Thanks for the "shout out" (link) to my site.


~MiniMaker said...

Thanks everyone! You are welcome for the "shout out" Tanya! I love the little chairs you made from the toilet paper rolls. I made a similar chair a couple of years ago, using a little "pizza table" as the base. I wasn't happy with the 3 legs so I put it in a box. I love the way you did the base on yours, fabulous idea!