Tuesday, February 16, 2010

19 New Followers!

Hello and Welcome!
denistone1 ~ Susan from minicrochetmad ~ Marie ~ Michelle from poppenhuis en miniaturen ~ Kiva of Kiva's Miniatures ~ brustythimble ~Anna from miniannalee ~ Hanna & Leijona of Hanna & Leijona kirjat-books, Hanna & Leijona and Etsy Mini Makers ~ Marsha from Enchanticals. Marsha doesn't have a blog yet but she has an Etsy Shop ~
LE COFFRE D'EMILIE ~ Kabrina from Kabrina's miniatures ~ My Realitty ~ Ascension from Mis Miniaturas ~ Wendie from WendiesMiniWorld and Mini Madness Virtual Tea Party (Top Hats Optional) ~ Juliana from The Forest Minis ~ Lena from miniatyrmama and inredningsmama ~ Ingrid from mijndroomwereldje ~ Deborah from Deborah's Daily Dish ~ Erica from Artwork by Erica Miles.

Thank you all for following!


michelle said...

Thanks for the welcome!;-)

~MiniMaker said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for following!

Debbie said...

Gaye there is an award over at my blog for you.

~MiniMaker said...

Thank you Debbie! I'm coming over to get it now. I'm about a week behind in life, I'm playing catch up today!=)