Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Keep Calm and Make Miniatures

Hello and happy new year! The title of this blog post is my new mantra for 2013. I've had a lot stressful things going on in my life and I don't handle stress very well. For the last few months I have really been trying to focus on making miniatures instead of focusing on stuff in my life that makes me crazy. Keep calm and make miniatures!

Ok, moving on. I have a lot to share so I'm going to get to it. First, The Dollhouse of the Month, I'm going to temporarily stop The Dollhouse of the Month. Quite a few people that participated in The Dollhouse of the Month had their photos hosted at Webshots. As you may or may not know, Webshots shut down their site and because of this the photos that were posted on my site that were hosted by them, are missing. I don't quite know what I'm doing about this yet or when I will start it back up but for now I have a mess of missing photos to clean up. I also have to figure out what to do about the fact that about half of the Dollhouse's of the Month no longer have pictures. It will take quite a bit of time to contact every person and find out if they are willing to send me all those missing pics, if they even still have them.  I really like having The Dollhouse of the Month section and I will get it back up and running again, as soon as I can.

If you have been to my website recently you may have noticed a few changes. The menu has been expanded and there are more drop down buttons on the menu. I added a search bar at the top near the menu so you can search my site from any page. I moved all of my social networking icons to the top near the menu also.

I made some printable wine and liquor labels for the bar in O'Leary's Irish Pub, you can find them here. I have added to new projects donated by ElaineMinis.Com.


I completed Carrol Elf's Christmas Cottage, you can view photos of it here.

I updated my progress on my Monster High Dollhouse, (there hasn't been much lately) you can read about it here. I added a link to a very cool DIY Three Ring Binder "Dollhouse" Tutorial, created by Kendra of the blog, Southern Disposition. She has also included tutorials for furnishing each room.
I will be moving my Monster High information from My Small Obsession to it's own Monster High Doll/1:6 scale website. The Monster High Dolls are very popular and I don't want to dominate My Small Obsession with the Monster High stuff. I will be launching the new site soon so stay tuned!

Here is a sneek peek of my progress on O'Learys Pub.

My other blog, Creating Dollhouse Miniatures is celebrating an anniversary this month! I started the blog in January 2008 and my first post was two videos of my mother's dollhouses. Five years later there are more than 750 videos and 869 Followers! I will be hosting a giveaway over at Creating Dollhouse Miniatures sometime this month, more on that later.

Welcome to my new followers here! Thank you to all of you that have stuck it out and hung in there with all of my off and on posting to this blog. I will be having another follower giveaway for this blog soon and I will be holding a giveaway on the Monster High website, after it's launched.

If you haven't already, please "Like"  & "Follow" on Facebook and Twitter, for all the latest updates to my websites and blogs. 

Here's to a bright new year, and a fond farewell to old. Here's to things yet to come, and memories that we hold. 

Remember......Keep Calm and Make Miniatures!


Xandra Dekker said...

Ik wens jou ook een mooi 2013 met veel creativiteit.

Wat ziet het er allemaal mooi uit op je foto`s...maar de bar vind ik toch wel het allermooist met de verzameling verschillende flessen.

Groeten Xandra

~MiniMaker said...

Thank you, Xandra! I hope you have a great 2013 also!

Lucille said...

Thank you so much, Gaye, for all that you do for miniaturists, providing us with such a variety of information and countless tutorials. I'm sorry that you have had so much stress but happy that you have found a way to deal with it. Affirmations are always so helpful and I like yours. I don't know if this will help, but please know that we all have our moments and so, I understand! Sometimes it can be hard! Take care!

petitemoonbeams.blogspot.com said...

I recently had a stroke (3 wks ago) and my greatest joy is taking time with my minis, which I can still do. And I love blogs, don't you?

I have one and always look for interesting things to put on it.

And I love giveaways. I don't have enough followers yet but I'd like to do giveaways, too.

Keep up the good work.