Saturday, April 17, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Once again I am playing catch up! Everytime I make plans to do something, something else comes up.....Any one else have that problem? Today I'm trying to get caught up on my blog and website and if I'm lucky, I might sqeeze in some time for some minis.

I have a lot of new things to add to my website, and several blog posts to work on so I have a busy day in front of me.

Later today I have to take a break to go to my son's baseball game and then I plan to get back to work.

So, one of the reasons I've gotten behind is that I gave up my workroom so my 12 year old son could have his own room. This involved moving him out of the room he shared with his older brother and then re-organizing both rooms. I also had to find a place for all of my stuff, this was the hard part. I took over part of our living room, a large part.

This is now my "little" corner of the living room.

In this picture you can see my vintage dollhouse that needs a ton of work, and the 333 Franklin St. dollhouse that I have been trying to work on.

Notice the little part of a black and white body on the table, this is one of my Boston Terriers, Boomer. He has been jumping up on the table since I moved it in this room, the little stinker keeps trying to get into my witch's cottage.

This is my other corner, I bought the portable wardrobe to store all of my plastic containers.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Debbie said...

Clever storage solution for your plastic containers Gaye. x

Margaret said...

A bit like you, I have taken over the dining room with my little shop and all my bits and pieces. Your storage idea is great, can never have too much storage area.