Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome Followers!

A Warm Welcome to all of you and a Big Thank You for following. I now have 27 followers since my first post 12 days ago!

Welcome ~
De - De-Lightful Minis
Joy - Adora Bella Minis
Donna - icklebits
Dale - Dale's Dreams
Sharon - hollyshan
Lotti - Was ist los in Wuselhausen ?
Lize - Lizelund, Lizelund2 & seren-dot-dipity
Eva - Mini escenas y manualidades
Sandra - Tales from a Toymaker
Tabitha - Tabitha Corsica
Snowfern - Dollhouse Minis & Snowfern Clover
Manda Minifan - Can't find a blog for this one.
Kim -
Its a miniature life dolls & It's a miniature life
Jean Day - Jean Day Miniatures
Lori - Oh Mini Of Mine
George - George the Miniguy
Tink - Mini Tink
KatheeVZ - Can't find a blog for this one.
Marlies - Marlies en minies
Evelien - Ejacreates
Casey - Casey's Minis
Kim - Flowers & Art
The Lone Dollier - Dolls, Etc.
Cathy - The Fabulous Farmhouse
Cheryl - A Miniature Place
Marsha - Sassy Mini Dolls Tutorials & Sassy Mini Dolls

Don't forget to leave a comment on the post below about the Fabulous Farmhouse give-away, there is still a little time left before I draw a name. I will announce the winner tomorrow!


dale said...

Thanks for the welcome. :)

~MiniMaker said...

Thanks for following! ;)